Here is a list of additional tools or add-ins that I use on a regular basis when working with team foundation server or some of the visual studio components. Please note that this by no means an exhaustive list.

All Tools work for Visual Studio/TFS RTM and they are all free.

I will update this post when there are updates or new ones become available.

Name Summary Category
Team Foundation Power tool Too many components to summaries and it comes with a detailed user guide. This should be install be anyone using Team Foundation Server.. TFS admin
Source control
Work Items
TFS sidekick Useful for developers and a must for those who administrate the source control. Basically have a UI instead or using the TF command prompt. Source control
MSSCCII provider Basic source control integration with other IDEs (ex: VS 2003) Source control
TFS Admin reports A few reports to help monitor your TFS TFS admin
TFS Admin tool Manage user security access TFS, Reporting Services and SharePoint from one interface TFS admin
Work Item Search Add quick text search option to your 2010 team explorer. Work items
Test Feature Pack Coded UI map editor Test - Coded UI
Test Scribe Print your MTM test plans Test Manager
Test Attachment Cleaner Permanently delete large attachments associated to test results from TFS database TFS admin
Test Manager
Import test cases Import existing test cases (excel or word) into the TFS test case work item Test Manager
Test Step Editor Standalone tool to edit test steps of a test case. One feature is to allow to enter multiple lines in a test step. Manual Tests
Team Test plug-ins Addition validation/extraction rules and web/load plug-ins for visual studio ultimate Web Performance Tests


  • May 17 2010: added the work item search

Tip: enter value –template in the search box to be able to modify searchtemplate.wiq. This makes it more powerful than the web access search (which only works on title and system.description).

    • May 18 2010: added tfs admin security tool

Note: the only drawback is that it requires team explorer 2008 (team explorer 2008 + SP1 + forward capability pack for TFS 2010)

    •   September 9 2010: updated link to the latest version of the power tool

November 17, 2010: test feature pack

December 30, 2010: utility to clean up test result attachments generated with MTM.

Jan 8, 2011: added the test step utility as I use often enough.

March 4, 2011: updated link to the latest version of the power tool

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