Accelerate Application Modernization

Today's Applications Require Modern Design, Platform and DevOps Practices

Users expect modern apps!

Business and technology stakeholders expect modern applications that not only evolve to match market dynamics but also reduce risks and costs. Leveraging and improving existing IT environments, technologies and capabilities isn't enough.

Accelerate modernization with InCycle's proven framework

Building modern applications requires mature practices in four different areas. Value comes from doing all four concurrently. A combined and unified approach is essential to move from an IT operational cost center to a value-added business enabler. The most successful businesses combine modern application designs, IT platforms, data and DevOps practices to elevate their customer experiences and deliver outstanding value.

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Combine cloud-first platforms, cloud-ready designs, advanced DevOps and intelligent data to deliver modern apps!

1- Embrace Cloud Platform

Lead your team from a static, on-premise infrastructure to a flexible, dynamic cloud-led platform that scales with business demand.

Platform modernization services include:

  • Cloud platform strategy elaboration
  • Move your applications to Azure IaaS
  • Move parts of your applications to the cloud (hybrid)
  • Move applications to Azure PaaS
  • And many others

Cloud-first platform maturity modelpng

2-Apply Cloud-ready Design

Cloud-ready and optimized architecture is a must to enable dynamic, flexible and modern applications. To move away from monolithic application designs, you must adopt new innovative practices.

Design modernization services include:

  • Design modern architecture applications with Azure PaaS
  • Convert existing applications to take advantage of Azure
  • Evaluate your application portfolio for cloud readiness
  • Validate and optimize application architecture
  • And many others


innovative design maturity model.png

3- Optimize DevOps

DevOps is more than just a trend: It’s a necessary way to implement solid development practices so you can optimize the planning, development, release and operations of modern applications.

Some DevOps modernization services:

  • DevOps readiness assessment
  • DevOps pipeline with automated provisioning and deployment
  • Agile and DevOps culture transformation
  • Visual Studio Team Services migration
  • DevOps metrics dashboard implementation with Azure Data Analytics services and PowerBI
  • And many others

advanced DevOps maturity model.png

4- Enable faster and better decision with Intelligent Data

Research shows that companies with intelligent data experience better business performance, generate more profit and are more productive. Intelligent data shifts focus from “rear-view mirror” to real-time action.

Data modernization services include:

  • Data pipeline design and implementation
  • Data modernization roadmap
  • Advanced analytics with Data Lake, Data Factory, ML and more
  • Customer sentiment solution elaboration
  • And many others


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What our clients say ...

"If it wasn't for the InCycle team, we probably wouldn't be around to talk about it. What we have accomplished is so little time --- is amazing."

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"We had some ideas of how to solve the problem, but nothing as elegant as you presented."

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"We really appreciate your team going the extra mile --- we didn't even have to ask for it!"

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“Working with InCycle enabled us to quickly prototype a test environment in Azure with almost no upfront effort.  InCycle’s expertise has shown that they fundamentally understand the technology, listen to customer’s needs and requirements and then can quickly implement a precise customized solution.”

Craig Steinfort

Test Manager