Accelerate AKS Adoption:
5 Must Haves

Webinar: Wednesday, Sept 30th @ 2:00 PM EST

InCycle has developed a unique and packaged solution to accelerate adoption of a container strategy by operationalizing Kubernetes. The AKS Enterprise Accelerator provides all the key components required for a successful container strategy implementation. Every component is designed to accelerate adoption, standardization and governance. More specifically, it is designed to: 

  • Balance speed and governance while empowering your team
  • Deliver services faster with comprehensive DevOps practices
  • Manage resources effectively with automation
  • Accelerate the feedback loop with consistent monitoring
Overview & Key Topics:

AKS Enterprise Accelerator Demo

Agenda & Duration? Below is a typical demo agenda. Webinars are 45-60 minutes and are delivered by our senior cloud architects. 

Who should attend this session? This is a high level (and somewhat technical view) of the AKS Enterprise Accelerator --- but not a full demo or deep dive --- that would take too long! Participants should familiar with the concept of containers and Kubernetes.

  • Executives/managers - ideal to better understand the challenge, opportunity and Accelerator solution
  • Operations - to understand the processes involved in deploying/managing AKS
  • Architects/Developers - the big picture of the infrastructure they can expect to deploy applications
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Agenda - 60 Minutes
Why do we need a packaged solution?
Top 5 "Must Haves" for Success
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