GitHub and/or Azure DevOps:
What's Best for My Team?  

Under the Microsoft umbrella, GitHub and Azure DevOps provide development teams everything they need to support modern app development. However, because in most instances, one solution has historically been adopted over the other, customers are asking, “How do I know if GitHub or Azure DevOps is a better fit for my enterprise?"

We think that's a great question and, the answer is usually unique to your goals, maturity, culture and strategy. In other words, "it depends." Common adoption drivers include: 

  • Planning & TrackingGitHub Verification Program XXSmall-1
  • Repository & Developer Workflows
  • Packages & Hosting Services
  • Testing
  • CI/CD
  • GitHub & Azure DevOps Roadmaps
To explore these topics and to help you demystify and navigate both GitHub and Azure DevOps, in collaboration with Microsoft, we are hosting no cost (free) strategy sessions. Below is a typical meeting agenda. Sessions are usually 60 minutes are delivered remotely (online) by our senior DevOps architects and consultants. 

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Agenda - 60 Minutes
Modern DevOps & Engineering
DevOps Maturity & Goals
DevOps Practices & Tooling
Strategy Development
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