Governance and Impact on IT

Are you interested learning about how cloud services impact IT? Do you have the right guard rails in place to empower teams to deliver in a consistent and secure manner? Would your team appreciate learning more about modern governance and how operationalizing cloud services can achieve your goals? 

Azure_Hub_1If you responded "yes" to any of the above or if your team has a unique challenge ahead, a call will separate fact from fiction, establish a direction and a foundation for success.

Agenda & Duration? Below is a typical meeting agenda. If you'd like a custom agenda, we are happy to collaborate to define an agenda that delivers the most value. Sessions are usually 60 minutes are delivered remotely (online) by our senior architects and consultants. 

Who should attend this session? IT/Business managers, Product Managers, Enterprise Architects, Lead Developers and other SMEs to match your challenges and goals.

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Modern Governance Foundations
Organization & Operational Practices
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