Digital Transformation for Financial Services

Top Modernization & Technology Investment Themes  

Azure Financial Services Innovation Drivers

Innovation is Key for Financial Services & Banking  

Banks are in a battle against other banks and non-traditional financial players to win the hearts and business of customers. To be successful in this difficult environment, banks need to re-imagine the customer journey; they must understand the customer better, be able to predict their needs, and engage with them in the way the customer expects. Change inevitable and demand ​is growing. Key forces include:

  1. Changing customer expectations - 54% of banks think removing friction from the customer journey is the most important trend in retail banking.
  2. Legacy Systems - The drive for a frictionless customer experience calls for banks to transform legacy technology to support the new demand for the right experience, at the right time, through the right channel. 
  3. Threat of disruption and irrelevance - 37% of Generation Y customers use non-traditional banks
    New entrants are pushing the innovation envelope, and offering lower pricing and improved customer experiences by capitalizing on technology. 
  4. Changing Business Models – Digital transformation is affecting how banks used to do business. The rise of non-traditional players and FinTech are forcing banks to change their business strategy and embrace new business models that blend 3rd party products and capabilities with bank’s own products. 
  5. Fraud and Cybercrime - Financial crime is on the rise, with sanctioned individuals and terrorist financiers using increasingly sophisticated means to move money and circumvent protections. Failing to find and stop transactions with sanctioned organizations can be catastrophic to a financial organization.

Cloud, Data and AI is the Center Success

What is common across all scenarios and drivers is data. Data is the oxygen of every banking business. The most areas enabled by Microsoft Azure data and AI solutions target Modernizing core banking systems and payments, Combating financial crime, and Delivering differentiated customer experiences.

Application Modernization

Financial Services Modern App

Banks must operate more economically and with far more agility and responsiveness to the latest industry and client requirements. App modernization is about moving to the cloud to enable banks to remain competitive, be compliant, and future-proof their business.


App Modernization

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Crime Prevention & Detection

Financial Services Crime Prevention

The goal of combating financial crime​ is to protect the bank and its customers while lowering compliance costs. Banks benefit from Analytics & AI fraud detection solutions instrumented across multiple banking channels to detect payment fraud, loan fraud,and customer on boarding fraud.

Cosmos DB Data Centers

Data Analytics

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 Customer Experience

Financial Services Customer Experience

Experience as a strategy is focused on accelerating growth by infusing data & AI to create a customized customer experience.​ Banks that succeed at tailoring interactions with customers will emerge as the future leaders, growing and protecting market share.

Azure Data & AI

Data & AI

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Getting on the right path means starting with an integrated digital strategy with data at the heart. This facilitates better decision-making, which in turn, delivers brilliant outcomes. Specifically, organizations need modern solutions to deliver brilliant experiences. They need systems that connect across the business to provide a complete view of what’s happening. What is unique and hard to find, is a technology partner that provides all these capabilities in-house. InCycle can not only do that, but also wants to help you achieve the next level of success. Contact us today to get started.

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Microsoft Azure for Financial Services

Financial services companies benefit from the Microsoft Cloud’s world-class reliability and performance combined with security, storage, privacy, compliance, transparency and availability. InCycle is skilled at helping customers meet the needs of the banking market now and in the future.



Financial Services Mobile Experience

App & Data Modernization Smart Start


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