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Top Reasons to Modernize

Business Value Drives Innovation

In today's rapidly changing digital landscape, IT leaders are actively seeking application modernization solutions to tackle a wide range of business and technology challenges. From enhancing performance and reducing costs to strengthening security and staying competitive, modernizing applications has become a strategic investment for ambitious companies. InCycle, a leading provider in this field, has identified three core business initiatives that drive the need for application modernization.

Achieve Efficiency - Embrace Migration and Modernization (as an alternative to conventional lift and shift approaches) to unlock the true potential of the cloud. Experience the advantages of saving valuable time and resources, gaining enhanced flexibility and ease of operation, simplifying architecture design, and harnessing the power of economies of scale. Customers can fully appreciate the value of modernization by leveraging cutting-edge cloud platform services, such as Azure App Service, AKS, and other innovative cloud-native technologies. Discover more about InCycle's transformative app modernization and portfolio modernization strategies.

Maximize Value – With the rapid adoption of cloud technology in recent years, many companies find themselves lacking control and visibility over their cloud instances, subscriptions, services, workloads, and data. This is often the result of hasty migrations, misconfigurations, or inadequate monitoring of cloud environments. At InCycle, we not only optimize your applications but also operationalize your environment, providing you with the necessary control and visibility. Discover more about our cloud optimization and application rationalization services.

Grow Business - Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a prime example of how modern technology can propel business growth. By integrating AI and other cutting-edge technologies into applications, customers can unlock additional value and differentiate themselves in the market. Another remarkable aspect is how AI significantly speeds up time to market, especially when combined with app modernization and advanced developer tools like GitHub and Copilot. With services like Azure OpenAI, developers gain direct access to trusted, enterprise-grade capabilities and AI-optimized infrastructure, enabling them to build innovative AI applications. This powerful combination has been proven to boost productivity, with 88% of developers becoming more productive and 55% completing tasks faster. Discover more about the potential of AI and the benefits of using GitHub & Copilot.

1. Research: quantifying GitHub Copilot’s impact on developer productivity and happiness | The GitHub Blog

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Industry leaders are looking for ways to adapt to new challenges and are turning to modernization and technology as the foundation to transform their business. In fact, in response to challenging times, 72% of industry’s pace of transformation has accelerated because of inflation, supply chain disruptions, and increased labor cost. With the overwhelming majority of 85% organizations embracing a cloud-first strategy by 2025, the need to get modernization right is critical for continued success.

Nearly 50% of current S&P 500
will be replaced by 2026.

Corporate Longevity: Turbulence Ahead for Large Organizations

Disruption impacts every industry, leaving no company unscathed. Half of the companies that were once part of the prestigious Fortune 500 in 2000 have vanished, making way for organizations that outshine their predecessors by delivering value with greater speed, excellence, and efficiency. The present-day Fortune 500 face a similar destiny. The role of applications and technology is pivotal in enabling organizations to compete and execute successfully.


Did you know that Microsoft has funding ($) available to help migrate or modernization applications on Azure?


Application modernization, also known as legacy modernization, is the transformative process of updating an organization's existing applications to embrace a cloud-first approach. Whether an organization utilizes .Net, Linux, Java, or any other technology, the modernization journey typically involves migrating on-premises applications to a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment. The ultimate goal is to enhance organizational and technological performance, elevate the quality of both customer and employee experiences, and expedite the time to market for innovative solutions. While the driving force behind the best application modernizations is often rooted in business objectives, there are various factors that motivate organizations to embark on this transformative journey.

Legacy systems are like boat anchors: If you don’t remove them, they slow you down --- and sometimes stop you altogether!

Outdated technologies and architectures plague old systems, making them a burden to maintain and expensive to keep up. These systems often lack compatibility with modern software, hardware, and systems. However, with an application modernization initiative, customers can breathe new life into these systems, enhancing their performance and extending their lifespan without starting from scratch. Although starting anew may sometimes be the better option, the drivers for modernization will always depend on an organization's unique goals, challenges, and the specific application or workload at hand.

Demand to Modernize & Complexities Lead to CXO Pressure

As decision makers champion IT initiatives, they also bear the responsibility of overseeing modernization projects, managing budgets, and ensuring efficient technology usage that delivers value, maximizes investments, and drives business outcomes. This responsibility can be overwhelming even for seasoned leaders. In fact, many executives find themselves leading a cloud migration and modernization initiative for the first time, just like others in the industry. That's why the best CXOs actively seek expert partners to provide valuable assistance.

Trusted Partner Accelerates Modernization

Under these conditions, a proven, experienced and trusted partner is more important than ever. It is essential for organizations to have complete confidence in their service partners and technology providers, not only to protect their mission-critical systems and sensitive data, but also to deeply understand their business, identify innovation opportunities, and swiftly grasp, develop, and align with their future vision. InCycle excels in this domain and is exceptionally well-equipped to be your preferred partner for Azure modernization.


We Achieve Your Goals Faster, With Better Outcomes

At InCycle, we take immense pride in our achievements and unparalleled expertise. Our proficiency in application modernizations is unparalleled as we undertake this task every day. In fact, our extensive experience has led us to develop not just the skill set, but also effective strategies, cutting-edge tools, and streamlined processes that expedite every facet of application modernization.

To enhance the value we provide to our customers, we have transformed our expertise, experience, and best practices into a comprehensive IT modernization delivery platform. With this innovative platform, we are able to deliver exceptional results for every project, regardless of its size. Our modernization acceleration platform has become so beloved by our customers that they often request to keep it for their own IT management needs. It's not uncommon for them to add it to their arsenal of tools. By utilizing this purpose-built platform, InCycle is able to deliver superior projects at a faster pace, allowing our customers to achieve greater business value in a shorter amount of time.

But How is That Possible?

There are numerous strategies to expedite application modernization, but it is the integration of several crucial elements that empowers us to deliver customer projects with improved speed and efficiency. At InCycle, we are proud to have dedicated project champions leading every engagement, supported by a team of top-notch industry experts. Our advanced project delivery platform serves as a centralized hub, complete with dashboards and velocity charts, and it goes beyond conventional methods by utilizing assisted engineering (think AI) to accelerate project initiatives. When combined with our agile project management methodology, our engagements are characterized by the following:

  • Rapid time to value
  • Enhanced transparency and visibility (including backlogs, daily stand-ups, and weekly reports)
  • A practical, business-focused, and iterative approach

Furthermore, we guarantee our work. This is how we collaborate with our customers to expedite projects and achieve remarkable efficiency, allowing them to realize the fastest time to value and enjoy superior project success.

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IT Modernization is an essential and transformative expedition, but it certainly comes with its fair share of obstacles. Surprisingly, the majority of organizations lack a personalized and strategic method to seamlessly transition and update their applications and workloads to Azure. As a result, business executives and stakeholders find themselves grappling with various challenges and expressing their concerns in statements like:

Customer Scenarios-2

These are the most common predicaments when customers bring us in, but we hear new ones every day. Tell us yours and we’ll explore how we can help. Get started today!

App modernizations are fueled by business objectives, often driven by specific factors that compel leaders to take action. Below, we present a comprehensive list of the most critical strategic goals.

  1. Performance Optimization: Inefficient code, database design, or hardware utilization can lead to performance bottlenecks in legacy applications. Modernization efforts can focus on optimizing these aspects to enhance application speed and responsiveness.
  2. Cost Reduction: Some legacy applications incur high maintenance costs due to their complex codebase or reliance on outdated technologies. Modernizing these applications can lead to cost savings in the long run by making them more efficient and easier to maintain.
  3. Integration and Interoperability: Legacy applications often face
  4. Azure Application Modernization Drivers challenges in integrating with newer systems and services. Application modernization can involve refactoring or redesigning parts of the application to enable seamless data exchange and interoperability with other software and APIs.
  5. Security Enhancements: Legacy applications might have security vulnerabilities due to outdated security protocols or coding practices. Application modernization can address these weaknesses by implementing modern security measures and best practices.
  6. Compliance and Regulatory Requirements: Organizations may need to modernize their applications to meet evolving compliance and regulatory standards. This could involve updating the application to handle new data protection or privacy requirements, for example.
  7. Business Expansion and Innovation: When an organization aims to expand its market presence, enter new markets, or innovate with new features, application modernization becomes essential to success. By transforming applications to meet new business requirements, organizations can adapt quickly to changing market demands and grow their business.

At InCycle, we delve into all of these possibilities and beyond. We also understand that each application and situation is one-of-a-kind. That's why we approach every application and workload with a distinctive and contextual perspective.

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In order to embark on a successful journey to the cloud, it is imperative to have a clear destination in mind, understand the motivations behind the move, and anticipate what awaits you upon arrival. This is why we begin every project by gaining a deep understanding of the key drivers that are influencing your business. Are you aiming to reduce costs, enhance performance, or generate new streams of revenue? By answering these questions and more, we can develop a value-driven strategy and roadmap that aligns with your objectives. At InCycle, we believe in starting with the end goal in sight and implementing five essential factors for success: 

InCycle Advantage


To maximize the value your organization gains, it is crucial to align engagements with key drivers such as the environment, people, technology, and business context. By doing this from the start, you not only bring together different teams but also establish a shared strategy and vision. Whether you are modernizing a single application, a few apps, or an entire portfolio, it is essential to analyze modernization candidates from various perspectives. This approach uncovers the business value, opportunities, and ultimately the return on investment (ROI). The most significant factors contributing to success include applying contextual understanding, conducting multi-dimensional app analysis, implementing interactive solutions, focusing on underlying business opportunities, and partnering with experts who can leverage their strategy expertise, technical know-how, and project delivery capabilities.

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When it comes to application modernization, the key is understanding the context. Are you looking to modernize a single application as a starting point? Or do you have multiple applications, or even hundreds or thousands of applications and workloads, that you would like to modernize?

Azure Modernization for 1 Application       Azure Modernization for 2-10 Applications       Portfolio Modernization for Hundreds or Thousands of Applications on Azure

Choose the ideal scenario for your project and embark on a rewarding learning journey. Each approach is distinct and will demonstrate how InCycle's strategic and exclusive approach to IT modernization not only expedites your project but also delivers tangible business results. At InCycle, we guarantee our work!

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“Working with InCycle enabled us to quickly prototype a test environment in Azure with almost no upfront effort.  InCycle’s expertise has shown that they fundamentally understand the technology, listen to customer’s needs and requirements and then can quickly implement a precise customized solution.”

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