DevOps App Modernization with GitHub & Azure

Modernize Your Application and Accelerate Delivery

InCycle’s DevOps with GitHub solution provides key components required for a successful application modernization implementation. Every aspect is designed to accelerate adoption and streamline the modernization process. The packaged service provides the implementation of advanced DevOps patterns and practices using GitHub repositories, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) with GitHub Actions as well as GitHub Packages to support artifact management. It also includes, a PoC implementation of Dev/Test environments on Azure.

Looking to improve speed and quality of new feature delivery? Feeling pressure to innovate and simultaneously maintain application stability and reliability? You can achieve these objectives by modernizing application DevOps patterns and practices using GitHub, Azure and InCycle's proven approach and advanced DevOps Accelerators.

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DevOps App Modernization with GitHub & Azure Phases

App Modernization with GitHub & Azure Phases

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:A live demo demonstrates firsthand how GitHub Accelerators speeds adoption of GitHub and DevOps. You'll witness how every solution component is designed to accelerate deployment, apply standardization and adhere to governance policies. To set-up a demo for you and your team, simply reply request a demo and our team will contact you for scheduling.