Why InCycle?

Customer Commitment

We are distinguished by three commitments we make to customers.

InSure Guarantee

Our experience and expertise allows us to guarantee our work. All our customers realize the target results set out at project inception. We can say that because we uniquely provide an InSure guarantee.

What does that mean?

We promise to meet your business objectives as mutually agreed. If, for any reason, you think that your project goals have yet to be achieved, in whole or in part, we’ll correct the situation or we won’t charge you for the remaining work.

Simple. We guarantee results.

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InSpeed Acceleration

Our InSpeed approach reduces your time to value, so you reach your business objectives faster.

What does that mean?

InCycle brings the industry's best experience, knowhow and tools (accelerators) to every project. We combine that with your business context and capabilities. The result is a project approach and plan that not only targets value, but complements your team. When executed, it rapidly delivers value that normally would take weeks, months or sometimes years to realize.

We help customers cheat time.


InValue Solutions

Customers come to us all the time. Sometimes they know what they want --- and that's what they ask for. But we're interested is delivering what they need. There is a difference and the two approaches aren't always aligned, at least not initially.

What does that mean?

We work hard up-front (before we engage) to understand your business, goals and objectives. We ask a lot of questions, request examples and listen. Based on the outcome, we'll present an InValue plan that targets high-impact solutions tailored to your business and budget.

Our focus, like yours, is to realize maximum value.

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