DevOps ROI Calculator

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Configurable ROI Calculator in Excel

InCycle Software created this tool to help decision-makers see the impact of DevOps and software development practices and tools on an organization. This calculation tool is based on real-life DevOps evidence, found in public resources from non-Microsoft and Microsoft sources such as whitepapers, articles, reports and case studies.

How does the ROI Calculator work?

The ROI Calculator is an Excel document that includes a short description of the benefits of doing DevOps right based on the four DevOps pillars: agile planning, software quality and team collaboration.

You will also find the DevOps evidences that were used to produce this document and create the ROI calculations. After reading the DevOps evidences, you will be able to enter your Current Costs for areas such as your teams, development tools, deployments, quality assurance and cycle time into the highlighted cells on the "Current Costs" tab. The ROI Calculator will then show you the type of return on investment (ROI) that you might see when doing DevOps right with integrated software development tools like Azure DevOps & GitHub.

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