GEN AI Innovation Accelerator

 Your Game-Changing Strategy for Embracing GenAI

Tailored for organizations aiming to integrate AI comprehensively, InCycle's revolutionary GenAI Innovation Accelerator enables clients to swiftly identify and deploy AI strategies that perfectly align with both business objectives and IT requirements. Through the delivery of a platform crafted explicitly for this purpose, alongside the nurturing of an innovative environment, clients are equipped with a proven strategy to expedite the adoption of AI, unveiling extraordinary value for their businesses.

GenAI Innovation Overview

To unlock the potential of GenAI, organizations must swiftly enhance their AI maturity. This involves creating a robust AI ecosystem for transformative change, covering everything from conception to monitoring of AI solutions responsibly. InCycle packages and offers all the essential components to fast-track maturity including:

  1. A model to prioritize GenAI use cases by their value and ROI.
  2. A GenAI model to select the ideal architecture (e.g., RAG, fine-tuned, prompt engineering) for specific business needs.
  3. Centralized self-service for automated Azure cloud infrastructure setup
  4. Platform engineering featuring streamlined workflows, Azure OpenAI integration, and monitoring.
  5. PE templates including fine-tuned models, embedded applications, prompt engineering automation, RAG lite, RAG, and RAG inferred.
  6. Integrated dashboard and performance monitoring complete with chargebacks (FinOps)

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Unlock the Power if GenAI Now

  • Purpose Built - Conceived to accelerated innovation and AI adoption (includes AI templates, cost, operationalization, governance, hyper automation and more).

  • Top Features - GenAI ideation, ROI analysis, AI assisted design, platform engineering and “golden paths” for top GenAI models (RAG, Fine-tuned etc.), automated provisioning, application performance monitoring and charge backs.

  • Achieve “Instant” AI Maturity - By operationalizing the AI skills gap, customers move fast and reap the maximum benefits.

  • Fast & Efficient - Expedites time to analyze, design and validate solution, accelerating speed to production (and out of PoC!).

No implementation required, customer platforms are contextualized for business objectives and technology preferences, The GenAI Innovation Platform provides a flexible solution to fast-track AI implementation through proven technology, practices and services. Book a demo today!

GenAI Innovation Accelerators
Packaged for Success (PDF)

GenAI Innovation Portal

GenAI Innovation Portal

GenAI ROI Calculator

GenAI ROI Calculator

Azure RAG Architecture

GenAI RAG Architetcure on Azure

Platform Engineering for GenAI

Platform Engineering for GenAI

Gen AI Innovation Accelerator (PDF)

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"75% of technical decision makers believe that 
every application could benefit from AI to help 
spur innovation and drive better customer and 
employee experiences within applications."

Source: Forrester

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