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Migrating and modernizing an application to Azure involves several considerations to ensure a successful, timely and positive business ROI. The best modernization approach will vary depending on the application, technology, business goals and complexity. Some of our top customers started with a single application, sometimes a core workload or a legacy application that carries considerable technical debt that has become a modernization priority. Whatever your scenario, at InCycle we are experts at navigating modernization challenges, separating fact from fiction, and identifying business opportunities, both immediate and future. Our approach to modernization is very contextual, yet most projects follow a similar approach.

Preparation & Planning

Modernization initiatives need to be contextualized at the app or workload level. Relevant decision drivers are weighted to match strategic purpose, thereby, aligning evaluation criteria to reflect your goals.. For best results, you need to be able to analyze in multiple dimensions and not a single viewpoint to make accurate decisions. While reducing cost is a common driver, you also need to consider other aspects of business value including business opportunity as part of your ROI/business case. Given the new opportunities the cloud and modernization provides, business value is increasingly the foundation of strategic intent. 

  • Business Context
  • Technologies & Skills
  • Modernization Options (scenario A vs B etc.), including preliminary ROI*

Strategy & ROI

A comprehensive workload/application strategy and roadmap is co-developed to drive business value for your organization. We understand that effectively managing your workloads and applications is crucial for achieving operational efficiency, accelerating innovation, and meeting your strategic objectives. Through a collaborative approach, we will help you refine your application strategy, ensure it aligns priorities, and develop a modernization roadmap, unleashing the full potential of your applications.

  • Detailed Modernization Strategy (based on selected scenario and approach).

As for ROI, we usually recommend an app-based approach. This allows customers to quickly identify cloud opportunities in context of their app portfolio and immediately start reaping the business benefits of modernization.

  • ROI/Financial Analysis
  1. Current state costs
  2. Target state costs
  3. Modernization costs (internal/external effort)

Azure Modernization ROI

  • Cloud Application Architecture (AI Assisted)
    1. Cloud Application Patterns
    2. Architecture Design
    3. Cloud Services
    4. Security & Governance
AI Assisted Architecture

Modernization efforts harness the power of AI-assisted engineering and architecture to expedite projects and enhance business value.

AI Assisted Architecture

Modernization efforts harness the power of AI-assisted engineering and architecture to expedite projects and enhance business value.

Modernization & Implementation

At InCycle, we always believe that there is a better way, and our most successful customers are companies that are seeking to increase innovation and competitiveness by not only modernizing applications and related infrastructure, but processes as well. We provide hands-on professional services to accelerate every aspect of your modernization initiative using unique technologies such as InCycle’s AI assisted Modern Application Modeler, Roadmap Designer, DevOps Accelerators and Pattern Blueprints. These tools coupled with our expert consultants, allow customers to “cheat time” and realize projects months and sometimes years faster.

  • Automatic backlog generation (AI Assisted)
  • Automatic landing zone generation
  • Architecture as code
  • Governance as code
  • Application delivery pipeline
  • Disaster recovery and readiness

Modernization Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring application modernization is essential to ensure that your efforts to update and improve your software applications are successful. As modernization initiatives take hold, InCycle will enable targeted KPIs and metrics to monitor modernization progress and plan new modernization iterations. 

At the application level, monitoring tools, including cloud-native monitoring services help identify issues or performance bottlenecks in real-time. As a result, data collected through monitoring will support data driven decision-making to drive further improvements. Key monitoring elements include:

  • Application Monitoring
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Performance Testing
  • Cost Analysis
  • Iterate and Optimize

Note, monitoring application modernization is an ongoing process. By continuously tracking performance, user satisfaction, and other relevant metrics, customers can make data-driven decisions to optimize modernized applications and ensure they continue to meet business goals.

To maximize iteration velocity, our best customers use continuous deployment and DevOps practices to iterate on your applications and respond quickly to user needs.



Before any great journey to the cloud, it is important to know where you are going, why you are moving and what you can expect when you get there. For this reason, we start every project by first understanding key business drivers. Are you seeking to decrease costs? Improve performance or generate new revenue? These questions and more will help drive a value-based strategy and roadmap that matches your goal. At InCycle, we start with the end in mind and apply the following five success factors:

Incycle App Modernization Success Factors

To drive the most business value for your organization, engagements need to contextualize to key drivers like environment, people, technology, and business context. Doing this upfront has the added benefit of unifying disparate teams and establishing a common strategy and vision. Whether you are modernizing a single application, a few apps or a portfolio, modernization candidates need to be analyzed from a variety of perspectives. Doing so, surfaces business value, opportunity and ultimately ROI. The most prominent success factors include application of context, multi-dimensional app analysis, interactive implementations, focus on underlying business opportunity and finally, the presence of an expert partner to leverage strategy expertise, technical know-how, and project delivery.

Unlock value and adopt the cloud today. Are you looking to move select applications cloud? Are you seeking speed, efficiency, and security? Companies are increasingly using the cloud to realize competitive advantage by adopting serverless or micro-services strategies. Others are simply leveraging the cloud’s inherent scalability and resiliency. You can achieve these goals and more with InCycle’s proven approach to application modernization at scale.

Azure App Modernization Accelerator


Getting started with application modernization is all about context. Are you seeking to modernize a single application to start? Do you have several applications or are you targeting for modernization or do you have hundreds or thousands of applications and work loads you would like to modernize?

Azure Modernization for 1 Application       Azure Modernization for 2-10 Applications       Portfolio Modernization for Hundreds or Thousands of Applications on Azure


Based on your project, learn more about how InCycle’s strategic & proprietary approach to IT modernization will not only accelerate your project, but deliver on the business promise as well. At InCycle, we guarantee our work.



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