Learn 5 "Must Haves" for a Successful Kubernetes & AKS Implementation

Have you heard a lot about Kubernetes & AKS lately? Eager to learn more?

Kubernetes & AKS Accelerator - 5 "must haves" for successful implementation.

Join our team of experienced professionals as we unlock the top 5 "must haves" for a successful Kubernetes roll-out and implementation. Key agenda key topics include:

  • AKS Enterprise Rollout Challenges
  • Top 5 "Must Haves"
  • LIVE Demo
  • Resources, Opportunities & Next Steps
  • Q&A + Tips!
This video is ideal for...
  • Executives/managers - to better understand the challenge, opportunity and Accelerator solution
  • Operations - to understand the processes involved in deploying/managing the AKS Accelerator
  • Architects/Developers - to envision the infrastructure they can expect to  successfully deploy applications
If you're seeking to learn more, you should definitely view this video. BONUS - It also includes a demo!

Learn the 5 Kubernetes & AKS "Must Haves" Today!

Webinar & Demo Link

Kubernetes & AKS implementation video on-demand


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