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DevOps and Cloud Architect


Job description

InCycle's industry leading consultants excel at blending advanced technology expertise and business acumen to provide high-value consulting services to InCycle’s customers. The successful candidates are expert at combining elements of technologies, processes and methodologies to help InCycle’s customers get better at creating and delivering software.

The consultant leads organizational and teams DevOps practices modernization initiatives, often engaging in senior-level discussions, and participates in application migration, modernization and innovation projects. The toolbox of the consultant includes state-of-the-art development tools, technologies and approach such as:

Development tools and languages: VSTS, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Git, PowerShell, .NET, C#, Node.JS, JSON, Jenkins, Ansible, Etc.

Cloud deployment infrastructure and resources management: Windows and Linux VMs, Azure networking services, Service Fabric, Azure Security Center, Azure Automation, API Management, Application Insights, Etc.

Application models: Web Apps, Serverless Functions, Containers and Microservices

Data and AI: Azure SQL, Cosmos DB, Analytics services, Storage services, Cognitive Services and Machine Learning.

Ideal candidates also have proven experience consulting and coaching teams on applying software development best practices and tools. Depending on the project context and team, the consultant can lead or participate into all aspects of the customers modernization activities including: maturity assessment, requirements gathering, process analyses, solution architecting, solution implementation, and project management.


As a member of the consulting team, you will be responsible of providing high value services to our customers in the modernization projects assigned to you. Your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Make our customers successful and better at developing software!
  • Modernization of organizational and teams DevOps practices and modernization of applications using the latest tools, technologies and approach - in the form of assessment, coaching, training, solution design and implementation for up to 100% of the time during certain period.
  • Provide technical pre-sales services to customers and participate in discovery sessions, project scoping calls, creation, estimation, pricing, presentation of customer proposals, and project scheduling.
  • Participate and lead business development activities such as events, webinars, in-person sessions, blogging, etc.
  • Acquire technical and domain expertise on new and emerging practices and contribute in creating reusable assets and consulting packages to be delivered to our customers. 

In addition, due to the nature of the work, you will be expected to travel to customer locations (i.e., on site). Overall, you can travel 10-30% of your working time over a year. It is important to note that some periods might include more intense traveling followed by period with less or no travel.


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