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Microsoft and GitHub

GitHub is home to over 45M developers and is now used at Microsoft by 100K developers. Over time, GitHub will continue to grow in prominence. While many customers are encouraged to leverage Azure DevOps, many are starting new projects with GitHub and are seeking adoption guidance. For that reason, our partner, InCycle, has developed a GitHub demo showcasing key features including Git repos, security tools, pull requests, releases, and deployments to Azure.

In this demo, InCycle will provide a practical GitHub demo complete with automated CI/CD using GitHub Actions. More specifically, the demo  includes:

  • Code changes that results in a vulnerability alert
  • Remediate vulnerability
  • Merge with PR
  • Automated CI that creates a release
  • Automated CD that deploys a website to Azure
If you're interested in GitHub and seeking to learn more first hand, you should definitely view this demo. We layout GitHub fundamentals and more!

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