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InCycle Delivers Azure & DevOps Expertise to Catapult INEIGHT to Market Leadership


INEIGHT was determined to reduce time to market and establish its leadership but was challenged by a large workforce with multiple teams and products.
  • Client:INEIGHT
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  • Category:Software/Technology for project-driven companies in the Infrastructure, Building, Mining, Oil & Gas and Utilities industries

Business Challenge

  • Reduce time to market and capitalize on first-mover advantages
  • Immature and disparate processes used by worldwide IT practitioners
  • Application infrastructure/architecture is not scalable or cost efficient

INEIGHT realized the next step to driving business agility, quality improvement, and significant cost savings, would need to come from the immediate adoption of modern DevOps tools, practices and the implementation of a new, modern application architecture leveraging Azure’s extensive PaaS offering. The scope of the transformation inlcuded 5 strategic initiatives:

  1. TFS Migration to VSTS
  2. Shift-left Practice Improvement & Training
  3. Azure PaaS Design & Arcitecture
  4. DevOps Pipeline Automation
  5. Mobile Devops with Xamarin

To learn more about the project, approach and customer benefits, download the case study. Enjoy!

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