Unlimited On-Demand Virtual Environments

As software demands increase across the enterprise, many organizations are quickly realizing that on-premises infrastructure cannot support engineering teams and the flow of product development. This is particularly true for companies that rely heavily on scientific research and development like aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Regardless of industry, these on premises limitations result is business critical delays that impact product delivery, time to market, and ultimately, business success.

To address these critical infrastructure "bottle necks," InCycle's "limitless" virtual environment accelerator, allows customers to easily scale up or down virtual resources and --- only pay for the resources consumed.

InCycle Accelerator

The accelerator is designed for Microsoft Azure because the powerful cloud platform offers a wide range of features and services, making it an excellent solution for virtual environments. Key accelerator consultant led services and components include:

  • Provisioning - Automatically provision requested virtual environment based in required specifications.
  • Operationalization - Enable insights into environment provisioning process, allocation, availability and performance.
  • Optimization - Pragmatically optimize environments for cost consumption, performance and usage.
  • De-allocation - De-allocate virtual environments on-demand or on schedule. Returning the virtual environment “slot” to the pool to service the next request. 
  • Security - Design and implement robust infrastructure security (firewalls, network security groups, etc.). 

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“Software environments that were previously impossible on premises, are now not only on Azure, but have significantly improved productivity and time to market."

InCycle Manufacturing Customer