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Optimizing value streams in a multi-tool DevOps ecosystem

How can organizations foster transparency, traceability, and visibility in their multi-toolchain ecosystem to optimize their value streams? The right integration fabric helps enterprises to map their value streams and enable stakeholders with the right data in their preferred tools with full context, in real-time. A well-integrated toolchain with Microsoft products such as Azure DevOps and ITSM tools such as ServiceNow allows for bi-directional flow of information of data from one system to the other helping teams to:

  • Make better & faster decisions​
  • Get full context of requirements & priorities​
  • Leverage best of functionality & collaboration in the delivery ecosystem​
  • Ensure end to end traceability​
The fast moving webinar will deliver an in-depth and practical integration presentation covering the following topics:

  • Modern Organizations
  • Innovation in a multi-tool environment (DevOps, ITSM, SCM, CRM etc.)
  • Value of an Integration Fabric
  • Designing your integration strategy
  • Integration use case – Azure DevOps & ServiceNow
  • Live Demo
  • Key Takeaways

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InCycle & OpsHub Demystify Integration.
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