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Senior Software/Cloud Consultant

Job description

InCycle's industry leading consultants excel at blending advanced technology expertise and business acumen to provide high-value consulting services to InCycle’s customers. The successful candidates are expert at combining elements of technologies, processes and methodologies to help InCycle’s customers get better at creating and delivering software.

The consultant provides business process engineering services and brings a strong blend of advanced technology and business acumen to InCycle’s customers. The candidate combines essential elements from technologies, processes and methodologies to help InCycle’s customers innovate and modernize their IT. This includes leading, coaching, mentoring and implementing customer improvement project related to cloud strategy and governance, application innovation and modernization, modern engineering / DevOps, and Analytics and AI. Consultants lead on all aspects of customer team improvement, including: process analysis, vision elaboration, solution architecting and definition, project inception and management, implementation, testing, deployment and operation. In addition, successful candidates have experience participating in several simultaneous projects and always maintain utmost professionalism when dealing with customers.


Upon commencement of your employment, you will report to Martin Rajotte. You will carry out such duties and functions as are required of a Practice Team Member and related duties that are reasonably assigned to you by InCycle Software. Your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Make our customers successful and better at developing software!
  • Perform consulting services helping our customers modernizing/innovating their IT using Microsoft Azure services such as IaaS, PaaS, Azure DevOps, GitHub and other services part of Microsoft’s portfolio or open-source development technologies. Consultant is expected to be a specialist in one or more of our four services pillars:
  1. Cloud strategy and governance – To securely accelerate customer business value with the cloud by performing services such as: migration and adoption strategy, enterprise governance strategy implementation, and containerization strategy and implementation.
  2. Application innovation and modernization – To speed customer value delivery with modern technologies and architectures by performing services such as: application portfolio analysis, modern application architecture and implementation, custom/greenfield development, and application containerization.
  3. Modern engineering / DevOps – To achieve faster time to market through DevOps and Agile approaches by performing services such as: DevOps / Agile transformation, DevOps practices modernization and DevOps toolset migration, customization and implementation.
  4. Analytics and AI – To innovate and make customers smarter by transforming their applications and data into real intelligence with services such as: AI adoption and strategy elaboration, advanced analytics architecture and implementation, operationalization of data and AI pipelines, elaboration and implementation of trusted data fabric platform and services.
  • Provide technical pre-sales services to customers and participate in the creation of customer proposals, statement of work (SOWs) and project scoping calls.
  • When not fully allocated to projects, participate and lead:
  1. Business development or marketing activities (webinars, demos, in-person sessions, blogs, etc.) sometimes in collaboration with our business partners such as Microsoft.
  2. Internal project activities (new services elaboration, internal tools development, lunch and learn, etc.)
  3. Personal development activities including obtaining certifications.
  4. Acquire technical and domain expertise on new and emerging IT platform functionalities and best practices and contribute in creating consulting packages to be delivered to our clients.

The nature of the work involved requires full-time commitment and working cooperatively as an integral member of a team of consulting professionals. We would expect you to devote the whole of your attention and abilities to the affairs of InCycle Software and to use your reasonable best efforts to promote the business interests of InCycle Software. In carrying out your duties and responsibilities, we would expect you to comply with all lawful instructions given by InCycle Software, and that you would not act beyond the scope of those duties.

In addition, due to the nature of the work, you will be expected to travel to customer locations (i.e., on site). Overall, you can travel up to 25% of your working time over a year period. Note that some periods might include more intense traveling followed by period with less or no travelling. In cases where travelling to customer for more than a week, the consultant always come back home for the weekend.

Hiring Process

Top candidates will immediately begin interviews. We expect to fill 2-3 positions this month. You can expect a very competitive salary and benefits program.

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