Success Stories

Aerospace Leader Achieves New Heights with "Limitless" Virtual Environments on Azure


Business Challenge

Context: Products are hyper complex and require an incredible mix of software and hardware to sufficiently innovate, develop and test. Environment resource requirements are massive.

Problem: On premises processes and infrastructure cannot support engineering teams and the flow of product development. The result is business critical delays that impact product delivery, time to market, and business success.

Goal: Eliminate infrastructure bottleneck by using Azure cloud to provide unlimited “on-demand” virtual environments.

Technical challenge: : Size and demand for resources is impossible to achieve on premises.

  • Client:World class-manufacturer of aerospace technologies .
  • Project url:N/A
  • Category:Manufacturing/Aerospace

Solution & Services: To address these critical infrastructure "bottle necks," InCycle delivered a "limitless" virtual environment accelerator engagement allowing the customer to easily scale up or down virtual resources on demand. As a result, the customer is now the beneficiary of a scalable, efficient, agile, and secure cloud environment that will strategically serve them well into the future.



  • On Demand Environments! On-Demand environments provide the ability to automatically provision pre-define architectures via a given set of parameters.
  • Flexible “Pick-and-Choose” ConfigurationsCommon environments are pre-configured, others are created on-demand like “recipes” based on requirements (UAT, dev and test environment requests etc.). 

  • "Hoteling" Enablement

    InCycle enabled hoteling to provide accurate monitoring, metrics, visibility and a portal to facilitate a reporting and automation via an abstraction layer.

  • Optimization
    Virtual environments need to be optimized for rapid provisioning, performance, cost management and usage. 

  • Simulations that were previously impossible on premises, are now possible on Azure.
  • Provides unlimited environments on-demand --- and simultaneously!
  • Massive increase in productivity and time to market
  • Isolated environments improves quality, provides better testing and reduces risk.
  • Cloud resources optimized for spend (throttle up and down as needed), cost monitoring and management including chargebacks.


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