Success Stories

Media Company Shines in Bright Lights of World Championship with Big Data Telemetry


Business Challenge

Context: Streaming video is becoming the most popular way to watch live events, putting an increasingly large burden on broadcasters to ensure a flawless (e.g., no screen freeze) experience. 

Goal: Successfully prepare for, broadcast, and stream one of the world’s biggest sporting events.

Problem: Streaming forecast exceeds infrastructure support. No telemetry solution to analyze streaming capability. Unable to create realistic event simulation and measure performance thresholds. No ability to monitor and respond to dynamic network events and guarantee flawless execution.

Technical challenge: No centralized data platform. Massive data. Multiple sources. Unique data types. Ingestion (billions of rows of data) to support real-time telemetry. Simulation and load testing. DataOps practices and skills.

  • Client:Mass media conglomerate with distinctive content brands.
  • Project url:N/A
  • Category:Media/Entertainment

Solution & Services: Data migration and consolidation. Azure Data Platform. Real-time streaming dashboard. Event simulation and stress testing. DataOps implementation and training.

Designed for operational visibility (command and control), InCycle implemented our real-time, hyperscale streaming telemetry solution to simulate & dynamically manage live events (e.g., FIFA World Cup, SuperBowl, Olympics, X Games etc.), ensuring a flawless consumer experience.

Beating out AWS & Splunk, the solution uses Azure services including ADX, Synapse, Databricks, Data Factory, Data Lake & AKS. One of the biggest ADX implementations in the world!



  • Operational visibility for hyperscale telemetry
  • Migrated data estate to Azure
  • Implemented auto scaling and load testing
  • Designed video event log monitoring
  • Created dashboards and intelligent alerts
  • Enabled hot & cold path analytics
  • Automated data pipeline
  • Leveraged DevSecOps (automatic deployment and modern practices)
  • Key services inlcude ADX, Synapse, Databricks, Data Factory, Data Lake & AKS. 
  • Delivered ability to scale, access to source data and respond to simulated & LIVE events
    “Single Pane of Glass”
  • Transformed into data-driven organization (e.g., automatic DNS redirect on congestion)
  • Implemented key practices and tools to improve quality, latency and reduce cycle time of data analytics by eliminating barriers between data  engineers/scientists & operations
  • Simulated hyperscale ingestion of millions of concurrent users in production --- all within 60 seconds!
  • Modern Azure data platform  to support advanced ML & AI 


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