Success Stories

Pro Sports Franchise Adopts Modern Data Analytics and Pipeline Automation


Business Challenge

Overwhelmed with data, processing and timeliness of information lagged behind crucial decision points. Due to the manual nature of its workflow, processing time to consumption was measured in weeks and quickly outdated. Multiple sources and regularly changing data complicated the environment. System performance was stressed and technology stack was limited to on-prem.

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InCycle delivered on the promise of a data analytics transformation. In addition to modernizing the customers data estate, InCycle implemented a modern platform design and architecture. The result was a fully automated data analytics pipeline environment used for provisioning, deployment and maintenance. Key technologies included Data Factory, Data Lake and Databricks (PySpark, SparkR).



  • Migrated everything to Azure
  • Leveraged Azure data services
  • Redesigned data processing
  • Automated data pipeline
  • Key tools included, Git, Azure DevOps and Azure AD


  • Modern stack/technology
  • Flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure
  • In game statistics
  • Enhanced speed and performance
  • Maintenance free automation



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