AKS Accelerator - Containerization Analysis & Strategy

Are Containers and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Right for You? 

InCycle’s AKS Analysis & Strategy Accelerator provides all the key components required to develop and define an a sound implementation plan. This engagement uniquely combines a portfolio review, cloud adoption readiness analysis, and in-depth interviews with technical and business stakeholders. The goal is to fast-track your team onto the right path with an optimized containerization strategy and roadmap.

Containers, Kubernetes and AKS are complex, but they don't have to be. Application containerization has many benefits — but for some workloads, they aren’t a silver bullet. With expert and contextual guidance upfront, you can move forward with confidence. Give your team the foundation, strategy and roadmap for success.

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AKS Containerization Analysis & Strategy Phases

AKS Containerization Analysis and Strategy Phases

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A live demo demonstrates firsthand how InCycle's AKS Enterprise Accelerator speeds adoption of containers and operationalizes Kubernetes with AKS. You'll witness how every solution component is designed to accelerate deployment, apply standardization and adhere to governance policies. To set-up a demo for you and your team, simply reply request a demo and our team will contact you for scheduling.